Stone Pavers Inc.’s mission is to bring new and exciting natural paving solutions to customers nationwide. With a market that’s flooded with entry level man-made paving products there needs to be an alternative for the homeowner that wants something different. Something with style and timeless beauty that’s maintenance free and will outlast even the homes they beautify. Something that’s different from every other house on the block. Something richer, something greener, something 100% natural and best of all something that can be customized to a clients stone selection and size.

Whether your looking for something traditional, rustic, contemporary or somewhere in between, Stone Pavers Inc. can get you the look you desire. Take some time to look through our catalog and online galleries then contact us or a dealer in your area for more assistance with your project.

About Us

Since 2005 Stone Pavers Inc. has been a direct importer of Natural Stone Pavers and Landscape Products from all over the world. Our established realtionships with quarries and manufacturers in China, India, Turkey and Italy enable us to bring to you incredible quality natural stone, unmatched craftmanship and unique designs at unbeatable prices. If you are looking for a natural stone solution for any element of your home or business we can guide you through the natural stone world with ease. We stock a full line of granite pavers and have dealers throughout the Northeast and can ship nationwide.

We've got the solution for you whether your looking for:
Granite Pavers
Granite Treads
Granite Balusters
Granite Columns
Natural Stone Veneer and Cladding
Natural Stone Tables
Natural Stone Benches
Natural Stone Fountains
Natural Stone Flowerpots
Natural Stone Statues and Carvings
Or contact us with custom requests