Granite Baluster Railing System

Granite balusters are a timeless, maintenance free solution when looking for a railing option to enhance your entrance or patio. Unlike pre cast concrete balusters, you will never have to repair cracks, fill joints, seal or paint our granite balusters.

Our granite baluster system is solid natural stone, quarried, dimensioned, turned on a stone lathe, polished, crated and then shipped to your jobsite. We can manufacture custom profiles, curved top rails, custom sizes, shapes and designs. All at a price that is comparable to pre-cast concrete.

You can select from our stock profiles (Round Top or Square Top) or you can select a custom profile of your choice. You may also want a natural finish or more rustic look, we can do that as well. See our catalog page 23/24 for stock sizes and profiles or contact us for custom options. Before ordering please check with your local building department for the correct code restrictions in your area. Every locality has it’s own rules regarding railing height (this my differ if there is drop off behind patio or platform) and spacing allowed between balusters.

Please see page 27/28 of our catalog for installation guidelines or contact us with any questions.