Hand carved natural stone landscape ornaments at pre-cast prices……

At Stone Pavers Inc. we contract some of the world’s foremost stone carvers to complete our line of landscape ornaments. Clients and designers who focus on quality, style, durability and dramatic effect of their landscape project choose our line of products time and again.

The reason for this is all of our landscape ornaments are hand carved in the natural stone of your choice and scaled to the appropriate size of your projects needs. While we do stock some of the more common designs and sizes, most items are specially ordered based on the clients esteonee selection and size specifications.

Every landscape project is unique and it’s best to contact us and have one of our experienced staff guide you through the design and product selection process. We can replicate anything you have seen in the natural stone of your choice. Just send us a photo, overall dimensions and color of stone and we can get you a quote. Custom pieces are our specialty.

Things to take into consideration

When selecting a landscape piece to accent your business, home or garden, there are several things to take into consideration. Some key questions that will help in your decision are as follows:

  • -What color natural stone are you looking for? (You may have a color scheme in mind -that isn’t available in the stone species you have in mind)
  • -What is the climate where the project is located? (Freeze thaw conditions affect stone selection)
  • -What level of detail carving are you looking for? (Granite carvings will have less detail than a softer stone like marble)
  • -What type of longevity do you expect out of the stone you selected?
  • -Is the area where the ornament is being placed accessible to heavy machines? (Some of the individual pieces can weigh several hundred pounds)
  • -What is the shipping cost?
  • -Does there need to be facilities run ie.water or electric and should a foundation be poured? (Depends upon size and style of ornament selected)

Questions for fountains:

  • -Do you want a free standing, wall or pool fountain?
  • -Do you need the pump to be easily accessible?
  • -What size pump will you need for the fountain selected?
  • -Do you require any drain holes or additional plumbing or electrical holes be drilled?

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