What’s involved in creating your natural stone project:

Whether you're ordering a marble fountain or granite pavers, it all starts at the quarry. Your natural stone is first quarried to block sizes (approx 6' x 6' x 9') from the earth by drilling, blasting, sawing and wedging. Next, the blocks are graded by size, color and density and then sorted for transportation. The blocks are transported to the manufacturing facility via heavy duty trucks, rail or boat. Once at the manufacturing facility the blocks are dimensioned or slabbed by wire or gang saws.

Dimensioned pieces are sent for further processing to either the baluster factory or the hand carving facility. Balusters are turned on a stone lathe then finished accordingly.(ie. polished, flamed) The hand carving facility handles all custom pieces. (ie. statues, fountains) They are carved by stone craftsmen to your specifications using pneumatic chisels and files. Once carved they are finished (ie: polished, honed,sanblasted) per the specifications of your order.

Paver and tread slabs are sent to the manufacturing facility where they are flamed for slip resistance, cut to size and then finished accordingly. (ie. tumbled finish, Holland finish, bullnose, rock face)

All products are finally crated, shipped overseas on container ships, customs cleared then delivered to our warehouse for domestic delivery to your jobsite.